That's me on the left, looking really pensive in front of my rig at an awards show earlier this year - I promise I'm not so serious looking all the time!


Starting off with an A-level in Film Studies then moving on to a bachelor's degree in the same subject, I've been obsessed with film and video since before I can remember. After leaving university I went into various administrative and managment roles in the hospitality and education sectors. However, I'd spend all my free time making and editing video content for the internet or my own entertainment. This eventually bled over in to my work life as I would end up creating content for my employers in addition to my regular duties as well as taking paid work in the my free time.


In 2016 I decided that it was time to embrace my passion full time and founded Richard Jackson Video. Since then I've been to countless offices, tradeshows, museums, film sets, hotels, and factories either working as an all singing, all dancing content making machine or as a part of larger crew as camera operator, cinematographer, sound recordist and even actor.


Muhebur Rahman Shaha has over 10 + years experience as a Director, Writer, Cinematographer and Editor. With a passion for story, Muhebur has built a fine reputation with clients such as rock band Keane, Brighton Dome and Dorset County Council. Muhebur is the co founder of MarsiFilm, a narrative short film company. Here he has won awards for best short film, and captured several official selections at various film festival across the world. Muhebur applies professionalism from the conception of any project and right to the very end. Delivering high quality products by listening to collaborators, understanding the goal, Muhebur uses his expertise to adapt to clients needs and constantly evolves in the fast paced world of film and videography.


Please follow the link below to find examples of Muhebar's work:

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